Business Process Re-engineering has, over the past couple of year, gained increasing circulation. As a result, many find themselves faced with the prospect of having to learn, plan, implement and successfully conduct a real BPR.

Business Process Re-Engineering involves the fundamental redesign of core business processes to achieve intense improvements in productivity, cycle times and quality.

It involves a rethinking of existing processes and adopting maybe a new value system that emphasizes more on customer needs and eliminate unproductive activities.

This type of “Re-Engineering” uses technology to improve data dissemination and decision-making.

Amana Information Services DMCC experts execute this change by refocusing on the company/client values that are based on the customer needs, by redesigning core processes by often using information technology. The experts also execute the necessary change by rethinking basic organizational and people issues, in addition to improving business processes across the organization.

Amana Information Services DMCC experts provide, in addition to the mentioned, necessary information, tools and training for the client to assure a permanent successful plan.

By applying these new processes, the company/client could improve the performance and reduce costs and cycle times, as well as improve the quality of business.

It is noteworthy to mention that Information technology (IT) has historically played an important role in the reengineering concept. It is considered by some as a major enabler for new forms of working and collaborating within an organization and across organizational borders.


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