Project Implementation is the execution of a specified plan. A good implementation of a specific business project is when the vision and plan are converted to actions and reality.

Amana Information Services DMCC provides top-notch project management and implementation services to every customer. Our experts will carefully study the requirements of your organization, and provide the necessary processes and procedures needed throughout the implementation phase.

Our work is divided into four main phases:

Requirement Phase: During this phase, our team will understand the details of each project and collect the required output from the client.

Research Phase: This phase will involve finding the facts and figures about the business and use them to understand the appeal of the activities needed to implement this project.

Planning Phase: This phase is the actual planning of the project with proper assigning of the tasks for implementation and highlighting the micro and macro activities needed to complete each activity separately. Our team will present a written plan to the company before proceeding with the final implementation phase.

Implementation Phase: This is the actual implementation of the project in hand backed up with the given findings and tools available. The implementation phase will be processed according to the tasks presented in previous phases and will be bounded by a specific timeline. Each task in the implementation phase will be monitored carefully to make sure that the output of the project meets the requirements.


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