Often referred as boardroom consulting, strategic consulting is one of the most important segments in the professional industries. This segment focuses on supporting businesses with the development of corporate and unit strategies.

Amana Information Services DMCC provides consultation services to its clients to help them make better business decisions through various techniques.  Our process includes conducting advanced researches and studies, surveys/interviews, hypothesis testing, setting up recommendations and subsequently presenting strategic advices in addition to other services.

Our consultants work throughout four main disciplines that consist of Corporate Strategy, Mergers, Acquisitions and Functional Strategy.

Across the region, there are hundreds of consulting firms but the number of firms that have a real understanding of your business needs is limited to a much smaller number.

We are proud to be one of these well-reputable firms that is characterized by a high level of analytics skills and a professional team of consultants that could assure your path towards success.


If you are interested in what we offer, talk to us and we can help you achieve better results.

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